This has been a fun journey and hopefully you’ve learned a bit about MVVM and the TPL. I do have plans for future posts in this series that will center around the TPL.Dataflow namespace. It’s an area of the TPL I don’t seem written about a lot and I think there are probably a few posts that would benefit you.

My next series of posts, however, is on the SOLID principles of good object-oriented programming and design. Often when it comes to concepts like design patterns and MVVM we can’t see the forest from the trees and we get lost in the concepts. The awesome thing about SOLID is that it is so straight-forward that all of us should have a thorough understanding of it.

After SOLID, I have a series planned on design patterns. I won’t cover all the design patterns but will hit on quite a few of them. I also have a post planned on the patterns you don’t really care about if you apply fundamental .net development concepts and practices as the patterns are incorporated into those practices. This will relate to patterns like lazy initialization, object/thread pool, factory method and dependency injection, observer, locking and scheduling, all of which I have hit on in some form or another in assorted posts here while not necessarily calling them out as such patterns.

I always welcome your feedback and allow anonymous comments so feel free to comment on anything. Spam and off-topic/inappropriate comments are and always will be removed.

Full series of posts:
Part One: Starting with MVVM
Part Two: The MVVM solution structure and basic framework
Part Three: Base Classes
Part 4: Sampler View, View Model and Model
Part 5: Running and working with the TPL samples
Part 6: Parallel.For Sample
Part 7: Using Parallel.For effectively
Part 8: Adding a New Sample, Matrices Multiplication
Part 9: Basic Exception handling with the AggregateException
Part 10: Loop control of the Parallel.For and .ForEach
Part 11: Cancelling Threads with the CancellationTokenSource – The MVVM
Part 12: Cancelling Threads with the CancellationTokenSource – The Code
Part 13: Async/Await


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