Here is the list of all the posts in my series on SOLID.

SOLID – Getting Started and Source Material
SOLID – (SRP) The Single Responsibility Principle
SOLID – (SRP) Ignoring the rules on the paint can
SOLID – (OCP) The Open-Closed Principle
SOLID – (LSP) The Liskov Substitution Principle
SOLID – (ISP) The Interface Segregation Principle
SOLID – (DIP) The Dependency Inversion Principle

Going through this series has been fun. By far and way my favorite principle has to be the LSP. I think it’s because not only does it require an understanding of good OOD but also requires that you understand how your chosen language can affect different aspects of that OOD. As always I would encourage you to read the source material from Uncle Bob as there are some aspects he goes further in detail.

On a related side-note, given how derivative these posts were I did seek and get approval from Uncle Bob for this series where he said, “I am flattered. Please feel free to derive from my work so long as you provide appropriate citings.”

I originally had a new series on patterns scheduled but I think I’m going to make an executive decision and move those aside for a couple of posts on break-points.


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