I wanted to let you all in on a little secret.  When I am feeling the urge to write a linq post and can’t find something write about I go to Microsoft’s 101 LINQ samples.  For the most part they’re simple examples of a lot of the features that LINQ has to offer. 

The list is not all-inclusive but it usually provides some starting point for a LINQ post.  The samples are pretty simple and there’s not a lot of explanation.  I try to take some of the samples and expand and explain them.  Also I run all samples through visual studio.  I have had some of the samples there not compile so try them out before you blindly trust them. 

Next time you see a LINQ post here don’t be suprised if it started life as a 101 LINQ sample.  I just take a simple example and then beat as much blood from it as I can.


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