– Now on Azure

For the past year this blog has been getting been getting slower and slower.  I hosted on bluehost, which had been my hosting provider since I first started this blog six years ago.  Now, I never contacted bluehost to see if they could resolve the slow response issues.  For the five years prior to the slow down they were a wonderful, cheap provider.  And maybe if I had sent an email their way they could have helped me.  But I figured as a .NET developer maybe it was time to go Azure.  I have a few web projects in the planning stages and wanted to start with a low-entry point penetration into Azure.  The biggest issue I had in the port over to Azure was a problem with Azure detecting that I had changed my cname entry at my domain provider.  It took roughly 24 hours for them to pick up the change.

Now, everybody warns you that when you make changes to your DNS entries it could take as many as 3 days to propagate.  In reality, however, I’ve never had it take more then an hour, until now.  So that’s why I’ve been down for 24 hours.  But I’m back with a new, cooler look.  I’m still playing around with the css a bit but I like the new look and feel.

The cname taking a while to update is an issue that other people have had with some reports I say taking as much as 4 or 5 days.  Scott Hanselman has been a very obvious proponent of Azure and what it can provide for you.  He did a great session with us here at the Tucson .NET Users Group.  I let him know of my troubles.  They may seem rather mild but I couldn’t imagine being down even longer then I was.

So thanks for your continued patronage and here’s to another six years,


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